about us

What we can supply and a look at the cost of the work

As it says on our home page, we provide heirloom quality woodwork, from furniture to cabinets, a complete room or an entire building. You can see our whole building work at www.corlisdesign.com

Our work is based on the best materials and craftsmanship available. While this costs more in both time and materials, you receive the value of a product that should retain or increase in value and last generations. While most of our work is custom and one off, we will try to give an idea of some costs below.

While size and design of the piece and species of wood certainly have an effect on cost, the more rare the wood, the higher to cost since often the wood is irreplaceable.

About our finishes and colors

We provide a conversion varnish finish to all our cabinetry. We try never to stain material since there are so many options and the natural colors are always more beautiful and nuanced than any stain we have ever seen. If you don't like the look and color of a cabinet, let us show you another species, there are broad ranges of woods available and we are always seeking the best materials.

About our Cabinets

Our cabinets are constructed with full one inch face frames which are mortise and tenoned together for superior strength and longevity. These cabinets are heirloom quality and should last for the life of the home. We try to steer clear of trends and produce honest, well made furniture grade cabinetry. Our panels are made from either one board or a matched pair of boards. Usually, the panels and all key wood will have come from one or two logs to promote harmony of color, grain and figure. You can choose from plain grain or the rarest figured material we can find.


Range of costs for our Tables

Most of our work are one of a kind, but to give you an idea of the cost of a table from us we can share that existing customers have paid anywhere from just under $3,000. to well over $20,000.

Range of costs for our Desks

Again, most of our work is custom, but in the past our desks have cost anywhere from $5,000 into the high teens.

Range of costs for our Cabinetry

Cabinets can come in all sizes and configurations and are custom made for the job at hand. To give an idea of cost though our kitchens have ranged from the low teens to close to six figures. It has been our experience that our costs are not far from the better quality store bought cabinetry from better cabinet shops and suppliers. We promise that our material will be superior and I will put our fit, finish and craftsmanship up against anything out there.

Other costs for our work

Most of the other work we do must be priced on a per job basis. Our architectural work or some of the furniture is so varied that we find it more practical to discuss costs directly with you upon beginning our commission. Contact us for more information.

- Michael Corlis, updated August 17, 2011