gallery - inspiration

The inspiration for our woodwork most often comes directly from the material. Over the course of the last 30 years, we have gained a wonderful assortment of great sources for great material. Finding the material is a labor of love, and inspiring us with ideas. It is a privilege to have an oppourtunty to work with some of the finest woods in the world. Our whole company is committed to honoring the material with the best craftsmanship and design possible. Our largest influence, the work of architects Charles and Henry Greene, especially after they started working the Hall Brothers, master craftsmen who helped them take their work to what in our opinion, is the height of design and craftsmanship, integrating the entire built environment into their projects. On the left you see a pair of sequential boards, each over 24" wide. Finding this material and seeing the symmetry presented by its bookmatching, yielded the 4' x 12' conference table on the right. The wood usually directs our design. We travel broadly to connect with a great selection of rare material. The bubinga panel on the left was made after we saw how beautiful the scrap from the edge of the tree was. The unusual maple next to it is heavily marked by ambrosia beetle trails. The quality, talent and creative abilities of our staff inspire much of the work we do. Our craftsmen love the one of a kind oppourtunities we often get and they bring so much to the table that the original designs often evolve with their input. Shop manager Scott Todd visiting some of our lumber racks. From 40"+ slab of Claro Walnut on the left to the incredibly curly maple and racks of full mahogny, we usually can put our hands on just the right wood for the project at hand. If we don't stock it, we have a great network of reliable small suppliers who we work with regularly and can trust to help us produce it. This signature desk design was almost totally inspired by the curly mahogany which lights up from the inside when light finds its surface. A close up of claro walnut from the west coast waiting for the right client. We bought an entire tree when we saw how curly this maple was. Wood this unique must be used together with wood from the same tree as it would easily look out of place with any other maple. This two board cherry top appears to turn three dimensional as you walk around it. The strong symmetry brought by two bookmatched pairs is hard to beat for table or desk tops.