gallery - details

This corner of an entertainment cabinet shows a signature detail of corlis woodworks, the raised dovetail corner. Because of the consummate craftsmanship of the top staff, we can allow craft to be featured. The material here is bubinga, handcut and handsanded. A closeup of the backsplats of one of our office chairs show show they are cut from one 2" thick solid figured maple. Each vertical showing the continuing grain of the next. Note that the crest rail above is steam bent from one 2 1/2" piece of cherry. The bubinga legs flair slightly to visually give strength to this gun case. The natural figure of the panels directed the design. The lower doors swing open to allow the drawers to pull out. There is a drawer for more rifles and shotguns, pistol drawers and ammo and cleaning drawers. This mahogany kitchen feature raised dovetails in the drawers, so we brought the same detail to the frieze board. When you buy a corlis design piece, you will have a level of detail and craftsmanship not found in commercially available work. Closeup of a figured curly maple panel wrapped in a cherry frame. Figured wood comes alive when light finds it. These refrigerator handles show our willingness to mix materials when appropriate. To make the conection to the wood paneled front of the fridge, we utilized solid brass which was hammered and a craftsman era patina applied. The mahogany handles were pegged in an open bridle joint. This view of the legs of one of our conference tables show the massive wenge legs mortised, tenoned and pegged with mahogany. This table was designed for an oil and gas firm and the design was inspired by the old wood derricks and railroad trestles of the early days of that industry. This cast art glass was utilized to create a light wall. It is framed with mahogany. When light washes across this armoire of rare "beeswing" figured mahogany it makes the grain jump. Note the very quiet, straight grain used to frame the panels, complementing, not competing. This towel bar is one of our most frequent collaborations with another craft. Jeff Fetty Designs is one of our state's premier blacksmith shops and Jeff forged this from a round bar of bronze to repeat the theme of our refrigerator handles shown earlier. This open bridle joint was used for all the hardware in this home. The original Corlis Woodworks signature dovetail joint, crafted by Scott Todd, shop manager and the man who keeps our standards in all products coming from the shop. Without the dedication to the crafts of our staff, we could design all we want and never have details worth sharing. Truly, the art is in the details. The detail shot shows the strong symmetry that can be achieved when you keep the log together and utilize sequential boards in a bookmatched pair. The chair seats were scooped and scraped from bookmatched 12/4 slabs of 20" wide The pulls for this mahogany sideboard came from dense, end grain which gave them a dark contrast. These curly maple drawers were too nice to hide inside a box, so we made the cabinet open all around. The slightly raised dovetails are a signature element from Scott Todd, our shop manager.