gallery - desks

When we came across a pair of curly mahagony boards 20" wide, we knew we had something special.The wood was enough  to wrap entirely around this CEO's desk. It appears to light up from inside out. The working side of the curly mahogany desk. Truly a one of a kind desk. This desk series has the option all drawers can be opened or locked by a key. This desk design has become one of our line of signature desks, usually commisioned with extremely unique panels. We top these desks out with single boards or bookmatched pairs. A map table / writing desk in curly maple and cherry. Desk is 48" x 72" two board, bookmatched top. Detail of a curly maple / cherry writing desk. This maple is one of the largest, most figured boards we have ever seen. Curly cherry and walnut writing desk, 30" x 72". The top of this writing desk was a strong two board bookmatch of highly figured cherry. Pennsylvania cherry has some of the finest color and figure available. This is a shot of the top of a signature desk. These hand made dovetail drawers are a feature of one of our signature desks. This is one from the curly mahogany featured earlier in this gallery.